Vegan Activism

Here's how to be a more effective vegan advocate.

The most important thing to know about vegan activism is the massive impact that one person can have. There are many, many activists who have saved upwards of a million farm animals from the ordeal of factory farms and slaughterhouses (given that the average American eats more than 2000 land animals during his or her life, that means you only need to influence about 500 people to reach the million animal mark.)

It’s easy to get involved in animal advocacy, and there are tremendous opportunities to make a difference no matter where you live. The premiere group for spreading the vegan message is Vegan Outreach. Through their “adopt-a-college” program, volunteers have passed out more than 15 million booklets on college campuses throughout the United States.

A terrific short book covering the basics of animal advocacy is Matt Ball and Bruce Friedrich’s The Animal Activist’s Handbook.

Other important guides to advocacy include:

Probably the single most valuable thing to keep in mind for effective advocacy is to never present veganism as an all-or-nothing choice, because when you frame things in this way the vast majority of people will choose to take no action whatsoever. Instead, consider it your job to constantly offer encouragement to people to take another step away from animal products.

Finally, never forget the massive influence you carry within your circle of friends and family. There are people in your life who, without you, would never be adequately exposed to learning about factory farming and the vegan alternative.

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