How Far We’ve Come


I’ve never started work on something with such mixed feelings, but two-and-a-half years after I quit blogging I’ve decided, for reasons probably not worth getting into, to have another go at it. Maybe this will last for weeks or months, but I doubt it’ll last for years. Blogging makes me uncomfortable, but I feel like… Read more »

Paula Deen’s Downfall and the Food Movement’s Future

I went walking with my mother yesterday, and the subject of Paula Deen’s sudden career implosion came up. My mom doesn’t follow food politics nearly as closely as I do, but she offered a perspective that I think is more perceptive than any journalistic analyses I’ve yet encountered of this past week’s events. Regarding the… Read more »

On Scarcity

Here I think about how some of our choices to protect animals can lead to scarcity-based thinking, which in turn makes it tough to accomplish big things for animals. (3 Minutes.)

Just Walk Away

Is something you’re spending lots of time doing making you sad? Then you need to step through your fear and stop doing it. You will find something better, that accomplishes more and brings you joy. (5 minutes.)

Coping with Thanksgiving as a Vegan

Thanksgiving inflicts all sorts of emotional distresses on vegans. This video talks about how to channel your sadness and disgust in a way that will help as many animals as possible. 11 minutes. Mentioned in this video: Vegan Outreach’s Adopt A College Program. Change of Heart The Ultimate Vegan Guide

Honesty, Accuracy, and Advocacy

Six minutes. Mentioned in the video: Eating Animals Meat Market Vegan for Life Free Vegan Outreach literature Mercy For Animals’ Undercover Investigations page

What is The Most Important Thing in the World to You?

Imagine if you decide that eliminating animal agribusiness is the most important thing in the world to you. What then? Recommended in this video: Ethics Into Action, Peter Singer Change of Heart, Nick Cooney

Every Great Animal Advocate is an Executive

Mentioned in this video: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity Ruled Index Cards, 3×5 Inches Reminders (App bundled with all new Macs.)

Who Needs to Read Meat Market?

Here’s a four minute video I tossed off this morning. Maybe I should do more short videos? Anyway, if you’re so inspired, you can pick up one of the 146 last remaining copies of Meat Market from If you could share this video I would be grateful.

How Should In-N-Out Burger Respond?

The biggest animal story of the month regards this week’s Compassion Over Killing investigation of an In-N-Out Burger supplier. Shocking footage displaying all manner of cruelties was shown last night on ABC News. Unfortunately In-N-Out’s response so far has been both inadequate and inept. The company’s Chief Operating Officer wrote in this public statement: In-N-Out Burger… Read more »