“Farm to Fridge” and Facebook

An email from a reader who shared Mercy For Animals’ “Farm to Fridge” video on her Facebook wall:

I just wanted to share a small victory from that video – that would be my brother of all people watching part of it and questioning his way of eating. He frequently argues with me about veganism and has maintained that he would never eat a vegetarian diet, let alone vegan. When we would have discussions and I would try to explain some of the things I’ve seen, he would call it vegan propaganda, and tell me that what I was seeing doesn’t usually happen. Well, after making it to the poultry part of the MFA video, he called me and said he is horrified and wants to sit down and have a conversation about going vegetarian. I am in total shock and am really so proud that he decided to against his ‘better’ judgment. It also sounds like my sister-in-law might be changing her way of eating, although she is pregnant so I think this might be a bit of struggle for her. But again, I have to thank you for posting that video.

Chances are good that if you take two minutes to share this video on your Facebook wall, you’ll spare thousands of animals the ordeal of the factory farm and slaughterhouse. There are people in your social circle who will never see this video unless you take a moment to post it.

I strongly suggest you post it with a  simple, non-vegan oriented comment so as not to frighten people away. I used, “A must-see for understanding how our food is produced.” Link.