“Henry: One Man’s Way” Hits YouTube

The 1996 film: “Henry: One Man’s Way,” is now on YouTube thanks to the efforts of Michelle Taylor at VeganBreak.com. For my money, it’s the single best film ever released for animal advocates.

Starting in 1993 and until his death in 1998, I was fortunate enough to frequently communicate and work with Henry Spira. He encouraged me at every turn as I became progressively more committed to immersing myself in the animal protection movement. Through his work, I saw first-hand how one dedicated person can singlehandedly make a massive difference for animals. My concept of becoming an “animal millionaire” — someone responsible for keeping a million animals from slaughter — is directly traceable to Henry’s effectiveness and success; he was the first of many animal millionaires I’ve met in my life.

No serious animal advocate can afford to miss this film. And we collectively owe tremendous thanks to Peter Singer for making this film possible, and for releasing its copyright to the Creative Commons so that it could appear on YouTube. Please set aside an hour this weekend to watch this film—it will very likely dramatically increase your effectiveness as an animal advocate. Link.