Japan’s Tsunami Demolishes Whaling Company

It has somehow gone unreported until now that the March 11 tsunami may have delivered the deathblow to Japan’s whaling industry. The New York Times reports:

Japan’s tsunami seems to have succeeded — where years of boycotts, protests and high-seas chases by Western environmentalists had failed — in knocking out a pillar of the nation’s whaling industry.


At the offices of Ayukawa Whaling, only a light green harpoon gun — which once proudly decorated the entrance — and an uprooted pine tree were left standing. Across a parking lot stood the skeletal frame of the factory where whale meat was processed. A beached fishing boat and crumpled fire truck lay on the raised platform where the whales were hoisted ashore to be butchered.

It was Ayukawa Whaling that, in 1906, brought Norway’s grenade-tipped harpoon method to Japan. Considering what a political liability whaling has recently become to the nation, it’s nearly impossible to imagine that they’ll rebuild. Link.