Let Them Eat Ultra High Temperature Milk

In these harsh economic times, it’s great that America still has its spending priorities straight. We’re still propping up the dairy industry so it produces vastly more milk than Americans want — and in the process needlessly raising and slaughtering uncountable numbers of cows. And what do we do with all this milk nobody wants? We’re making it even less appealing by boiling it down to powder. Ultra-high temperature milk: Yum!

So how do you get rid of $160 million blown on milk powder? Trade half of it back for yet more dairy products, in the form of crappy third-rate cheese, and donate the stuff to the school lunch program.

But you’ve still got almost half the original mountain of powdered milk remaining. So that stuff gets donated to soup kitchens. Nice to know that people in the toughest economic position, who undoubtedly would benefit more than anyone from highly nutritious meals, instead get the dairy industry’s dregs. Link.