Mercy For Animals Investigation Spotlights McDonald’s Battery Egg Cruelties

Mercy for Animals just released an undercover cruelty investigation video that should dramatically increase pressure on McDonald’s to eliminate its purchases of battery cage eggs. The video is full of overt cruelties, and also reveals the numerous agonies that are built-in to every battery egg operation.

What distinguishes this video from other undercover investigations is that it features footage collected from facilities in three different states. So while today’s investigation was more expensive and riskier to conduct than similar investigations in the past, it offers a more comprehensive and damning look at battery eggs than could be gained from a single facility.

McDonald’s is fundamentally an awful company, but they have a history of leading their industry on a number of progressive issues, from environmental concerns to animal cruelty. Yet on the subject of battery cages, the company has lagged behind several top food industry companies. This video, if widely circulated, has the potential to force McDonald’s to adopt a much more aggressive position against battery eggs—perhaps even banning them outright. But whether this happens depends on how many animal advocates commit time and energy to publicizing this investigation.

I hope you’ll immediately share this by Facebook and Twitter, and give a few minutes thought to finding other ways to get the word out. If you contact me at with a brief email telling me what you’ve done, I’ll send a compiled list of my readers’ actions to MFA and will email you back soon with a special update on this investigation. Link.

Update: McDonald’s has ended its purchases from Sparboe Farms. A necessary move but not nearly enough.

Update 2: Both ABC World News Tonight and 20/20 will be broadcasting major stories about the investigations this evening. I’ll do a follow-up story linking to additional media coverage, and I will embed the ABC news videos if they become available online.