David Sztybel on Gary Francione

David Sztybel writes possibly the best critique of Gary Francione’s work I’ve yet seen. It’s a thoughtful and well-crafted argument that doesn’t lend itself well to excerpting, so go and read the whole thing. My take on Francione is that he came up with a persuasive, reasonable sounding, but utterly wrong position a couple decades… Read more »

Exploding Cows

The AP reports: It may take explosives to dislodge a group of cows that wandered into an old ranger cabin high in the Rocky Mountains, then died and froze solid when they couldn’t get out. I’m sure they could have gotten out, but they knew it meant freezing to death, so they perished together. Yet… Read more »

Starbucks to Go Bug-Free

The animal advocacy movement has reached the point where even concerns about insect welfare can drive a policy change at a major corporation. Link.

Green Slime in Australian Milk

The Sydney Morning Herald breaks a story that could do to Australia’s dairy industry what pink slime did to America’s beef industry: In the milk industry it’s called ”permeate” – a watery, greenish waste product from the production of cheese – and documents obtained by Fairfax reveal that it forms up to 16 per cent… Read more »

Paula Deen in Prevention

If you never want to see the phrase, “I want to give people hope,” superimposed directly above Paula Deen’s crotch, I urge you not to click the link. (Thanks, Mike.) Link.

HSUS: Kreider Farms’ Story Doesn’t Add Up

One of the sacrifices you make when you work for the Humane Society is you’re not allowed to write “lying sacks of shit” in your press releases. By contrast, no such prohibitions are in place at Vegan.com. Link.

Ginny on Umami

Some important information here that could go a long way toward explaining why some omnivores don’t find a typical vegan diet sufficiently flavorful. Happily, there are plenty of vegan foods that offer the umami flavor profile. Link.

NY Times: Is Veganism for Everyone?

Of just six panelists, one of them is Nina Planck? You’ve got to be kidding me. Her piece is titled, “A Choice with Definite Risks.” Quite a statement from someone who advocates raw milk consumption. She goes on to write: I believe that babies and children require a better diet. Simply enraging. Drew Ramsey’s contribution… Read more »