Paul Shapiro’s Final Prop 2 Recap

In the nearly two weeks since Prop 2 won, here are a number of things I collected about the election’s aftermath:

* Prop 2 passed with an overwhelming 63.3% of the vote, winning majorities in 46 of 58 counties.

* 7.3 million Californians voted “yes” on Prop 2; that’s more “yes” votes than any of the other 11 measures on the ballot.

* Prop 2 enjoyed a greater margin of support in California than even Obama’s statewide victory.

* Prop 2 even won majorities in some of the largest agricultural counties, including Kern, Tuolumne, Mariposa, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego.

* The egg industry spent $9 million trying to defeat Prop 2.

* One ag trade journalist wrote that “The agriculture sector got spanked in the Proposition 2 vote in California Tuesday.” Another said, “I fear this proposal is only the beginning. Yes, I’m very troubled, and you should be too. The animal rights activists are on the move, and they are making things happen–one nasty legislation at a time.”

Also, you’ve got to read this interview with 13-year-old Prop 2 volunteer Ben Byrom—he rocks.

Finally, there are some good letters on the New York Times site regarding vegetarian eating, including one at the bottom from someone who I’ve heard is a pretty good guy.