Time Magazine: Is Meat Eating Moral?

Important article from Bryan Walsh in Time magazine that looks squarely at the ethical argument for being vegan.

The rare times that major media attempts this, I’d say we’re lucky to get half of what we want in terms of where the analysis goes. This piece won’t give a “moral baseline” invoking “abolitionist”* everything she wants, but I’d say it is about 75 percent of the way to an uncompromising vegan argument. In other words, it raises the key issues and asks the hard questions without telling you what you ought to think. Considering this is Time magazine, you’d have to be from another planet to hope for anything that more strongly advocates veganism than what we’ve got here.

Considering what’s written and the number of people who will read it, this piece represents another important step towards a vegan world. It’s certainly one of the more significant developments I’ve seen. (Via Lisa.) Link.


*I reject the efforts of the radical fringe of the AR movement to appropriate the term abolitionist , since many if not most pragmatic vegan advocates are working tirelessly toward the goal of dismantling animal agriculture.