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Our collection of the best recent vegan books and cookbooks.
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New Vegan Cookbooks

The hottest recently-released cookbooks:
  • Nom Yourself: Simple Vegan Cooking by Myra & Marea Goodman. Flavorful, healthful recipes that are easy to make. A great first vegan cookbook.
  • Thug Kitchen is a gorgeous full-color cookbook, filled with profanity and attitude, that’ll inspire you to eat better than ever.
  • The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon features stunning healthy recipes, plus her award-winning photography. Hands down one of the most exciting vegan titles of 2014.
  • But I Could Never Go Vegan! by Kristy Turner. The perfect cookbook for anyone afraid that a vegan diet is just too difficult to pull off. Kristy Turner offers 125 enticing yet super-easy recipes that will get the animal products out of your life in no time!


Easy Vegan Starter Books

The very first vegan cookbook you own ought to be geared toward quick and easy recipes you can make every day. Once you master the basics of easy vegan cooking, you can branch out by exploring new cuisines or by picking up one of the more sophisticated reference cookbooks featured in the next section.


Reference Cookbooks

Every kitchen ought to have at least one huge reference-style cookbook featuring top-notch versions of all the standard recipes a vegan might want to prepare. Each of these titles is available in excellent hardcover editions featuring gorgeous food photography.

Guides to Going Vegan

Going vegan is ten times easier if you’ve got the help and advice of somebody who’s been doing it for years. These books will make it easy to complete the transition.

Healthy Vegan Cookbooks

A vegan diet gives you the opportunity to eat some of the most healthful meals imaginable. These cookbooks are filled with recipes that put your health first.


Vegan Baking Books

Who says vegans can’t eat phenomenal baked goods? But if you want to make this stuff at home, veganizing conventional recipes just won’t cut it. These books offer wonderful baking recipes that are optimized for vegan ingredients.


Raw Cookbooks

Raw foods offer some of the most delicious flavor experiences in the entire range of vegan cuisines. Whether you’re interested in raw foods as a lifestyle or an occasional change-of-pace, these books will bring the best in raw foods right to your kitchen.


Nutrition and Health

Just as it’s possible to get into trouble on an omnivorous diet, a vegan diet has potential pitfalls of its own. Fortunately, these pitfalls are easily avoided. These terrific books will show you how to construct a well-planned, healthful, and satisfying vegan diet.


Fitness and Sports

A vegan diet is compatible with most casual and serious fitness regimens. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, run the Iron Man, or just lose those last ten pounds, these books will help you match your vegan diet to an appropriate fitness or training program.


Factory Farming Books

These books cover the ethical objections to the meat, milk, and egg industries. If you’re going to speak about the ethical advantages of a vegan diet, these books will prepare you with solid information about every aspect of animal agribusiness.



A little reading can make the difference between being a moderately successful vegan advocate, and one who creates change at every turn. Here are the best books to get started.


Children’s Books

If you want your small children to gain a gentle understanding of why some people don’t eat animals, these books are a wonderful way to communicate the message.