Vegan Chocolate

Delicious vegan chocolate is widely available. Here's what you need to know.

It’s easy to find delicious vegan chocolate. That’s largely because most chocolate connoisseurs look down their noses at milk chocolate as an abomination. Dark chocolate is the real stuff, and the best dark chocolate is vegan. That said, many brands of dark chocolate contain whey or nonfat milk powder, so always check the ingredients.

But if you’re craving the milder flavor of milk chocolate, fear not—there are three all-vegan companies that have what you seek:

Much of the world’s chocolate—even gourmet dark vegan chocolate—is produced by exploited or enslaved workers. Fortunately, many vegan chocolate brands carry a fair-trade label. The best resource to learn more about fair-trade chocolate is through this regularly-updated list published by the Food Empowerment Project.

Considering usually has great prices on just about everything, their vegan chocolate selection leaves much to be desired. Most of the vegan chocolates they carry are quite overpriced. But they do have a good price on twelve-packs of Endangered Species’ Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Almonds, which is a delicious chocolate that’s both vegan and certified fair-trade.

Here is our list of all-vegan chocolate companies: