Vegan Makeup Guide

Vegan Makeup

It’s becoming easier every day to find cruelty-free vegan beauty products that will keep you in style in a compassionate way. There is no reason to buy products that have been tested on animals or to support companies that are exploiting animals to turn a profit. Our job is to do the research and empower you to make choices that support products and companies that are beautiful inside and out!

Vegan-Friendly Beauty Brands:

While all of these companies make wonderful vegan products, be sure to check each product individually because not all of these companies are 100% vegan.

Now that you’re ready to replace your beauty products with cruelty-free options, we’ve made it easy by listing specific items by category:


Facial Cleanser


Skin Care



Now that you’re becoming a vegan beauty expert, help spread the word about animal experimentation and show that finding cruelty-free options is easy by sharing this page with friends and family!

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