How and why to avoid honey.
Vegan Honey

Honey is flower nectar sucked up, partially digested, and then regurgitated by bees. By definition honey is not vegan since it is always produced by bees. Fortunately, honey alternatives are plentiful and widely available. Here’s a nuanced answer about how the ethical issues related to honey fit into the broader concept of vegan living.

Honey Alternatives:

Reasons to avoid honey:

  • Honeybees have a complex nervous system capable of transmitting pain.
  • During honey harvesting and collection, unintentionally injuring, crushing and killing bees is unavoidable.
  • Honey is often produced in hives treated with antibiotics.
  • You may not be eating what you think you’re eating: fraud and mislabeling is rampant in the worldwide honey industry.
  • Removing honey from a beehive is stealing a precious food resource that is rightfully not ours to take.

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