Soy Milk

Why soy milk is a better choice than cow's milk.
Soy Milk

There are countless reasons not to drink cow’s milk, and soy milk is a delicious alternative! Soy milk is widely available, and virtually every grocery store carries at least one brand. While you can certainly make soy milk at home, the results will likely be disappointing compared to a commercial version. That’s because when soybeans are cooked, a certain protein becomes denatured and gives the resultant milk an odd flavor. Most soymilk companies use a special process to remove this denatured protein, which results in much better tasting milk than you can make at home.

Soy milk has plenty of protein, is usually fortified with calcium, and is much lower in saturated fat than cow’s milk. You can purchase soy milk in aseptic shelf-stable packaging, or in milk cartons alongside cow’s milk in your grocery store. Like all vegan food, soymilk is cholesterol-free!

Brands of Soy milk:

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