Best Vegan Yogurt: WholeSoy & Co.

WholeSoy vegan yogurt

Transitioning to vegan just became much easier with the return of WholeSoy yogurt to the marketplace. WholeSoy & Co. had been off the shelves for a while, but they are back, and they are our favorite brand of vegan yogurt. They are very similar to their dairy-based counterparts, but without the unnecessary cruelty.

Watch our video review below and remember, with all the vegan yogurt options now on the market, there is never a need to turn to dairy!

Vegan Coffee Creamer

Coffee Creamer

With all the cruelty-free vegan milks and coffee creamers on the market, there is no reason to ever be putting moo-juice in your morning latte. This video will give you the information and the nudge you need to make the switch.

Recipe: Vegan Grilled Cheese

Vegan Grilled Cheese

There’s something nostalgic and comforting about a gooey grilled cheese sandwich hot off the grill. Why should vegans have to give that up? We shouldn’t. Here’s a video showing you how to make the ultimate vegan grilled cheese sandwich with just three ingredients. Bon appétit!


  • Bread (Sourdough or any vegan bread will do)
  • Butter (Earth Balance works perfectly, or you can make your own palm-oil-free butter)
  • Daiya cheese shreds (You can use any flavor or mixture thereof. You can also use the Daiya cheese slices, but I find that the shreds create the most authentic grilled cheese.)

Review: Daiya Cheese Shreds

daiya cheese

Finally, a vegan cheese that really melts! There is no longer any reason to use dairy mozzerella or cheddar cheese on pizza, grilled cheese or quesadillas. These Daiya cheese shreds taste as good as any cheese from a cow.

Tip #4: Vegan Pizza 101

daiya vegan pizza

If you think that going vegan means giving up pizza, think again. Vegan pizza is easy to find, from your local pizzeria to the freezer aisle at your neighborhood grocery store. This video will give you the tips you need to get your paws on vegan pizza anytime, anywhere. Enjoy!

Frozen Vegan Pizza Brands:

When dining out, remember that you can always make a special request for something that is not on the menu—such as a pizza without cheese! Most chefs are happy to accommodate vegans. Just be sure to check if the pizza crust is made with any dairy or eggs. Crust is generally vegan, but not always.

Vegan-Friendly Pizza Chains:

  • Amici’s
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Little Caesars
  • Papa John’s
  • Pizza Hut (‘thin and crispy’ and ‘dessert’ crusts only)
  • Zpizza

Finally, if your local pizzeria that doesn’t offer vegan cheese or many vegan toppings, you have the power to change this! Check out Mercy for Animals’ Guide to Restaurant Outreach for tips about how to request vegan cheese and veggie meats at your local pizza spot.

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Portland: The Ultimate Vegan Destination

Vegan in Portland Oregon

If you want to see the future of veganism, look no further than Portland, Oregon. This hip city has a vibrant vegan scene complete with a vegan mini-mall and more vegan friendly restaurants than you can count. Take a peek!

Portland Mini Mall Shops:

Portland Restaurants Mentioned in the Video:

If you’d like to see more Portland vegan videos, you can find them here

Vegan Pigs in a Blanket

vegan pigs in a blanket

Pigs are intelligent, curious and playful animals much like your dog. Just one look at Esther the Wonder Pig, and you’ll never want to eat pigs again. Lucky for you (and pigs), no pigs have to die to make these delicious pigs in a blanket snacks!

This delicious two-ingredient recipe is insanely easy to make and takes just 15 minutes. It’s a perfect party food, pot luck staple and game day snack. Enjoy!


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