PETA and Vegan Doritos

Here’s a link to a press release from PETA announcing the first-ever flavored vegan Doritos. All well and good, and it’s exciting to see the introduction of mainstream junk food that even vegans can eat. But as often is the case, PETA finds a way to blow it…referring to cows “raped” — quotation marks PETA’s […]

The Ethics of Conscientious Omnivorism

If people insist on eating meat, it’s obviously important to eliminate as much cruelty as possible. But does getting rid of some pain and suffering mean that it’s then ethically OK to kill the animal? Elisa Camahort just wrote a caustic piece on this for the San Jose Metro, an alternative weekly — there’s some […]

Cattle Network: Put Your Beef Ideas On Video & Win Big

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it…I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. The Cattle Network is ripping off PETA’s idea, and trying to get ordinary folks to create videos promoting beef. They think this is how viral videos are born. Five winners get an iPod Touch. Wow-wee, such big […]

Robin Robertson’s New Blog

While I was busy working on the relaunch of, one of my favorite vegan cooks started a wonderful new cooking blog. I’ve long thought Robin Robertson’s Vegan Planet was the cookbook to buy if you could only have one vegan cookbook. And she’s got a great new cookbook out, Vegan Fire & Spice, specifically […]

KFC Refuses to Learn from Past Mistakes

One of the only pleasant things about observing the fast food industry is watching companies crash and burn when they attempt to change strategies. KFC has made repeated attempts to sell grilled chicken but all have failed. Why? Because grilled chicken tastes like…chicken. And the only effective way to make chicken taste good is to […]

VegTalk Podcast: Adam Durand

Welcome to VegTalk, our new interview-based podcast. Please use the links in the upper right hand corner of this site to subscribe. Our first episode features Adam Durand, the new Campaigns Director of Animal Rights International. This group is going to accomplish tons and this is your chance to get involved: befriend them on Facebook […]