America’s Vet Assn. Bets on Wrong Horse

Outstanding article by Wayne Pacelle about the American Veterinary Medical Association’s opposition to antibiotic reforms. By siding with agribusiness and opposing the will of many of its members, the Association is undercutting its own credibility.

Unless the AVMA wises up quickly, this single issue has the potential to destroy its status as America’s premier veterinary organization. Link.

Advice for Preventing Bacon Flu

Fox News has a well-researched article on how the public should respond to bacon-flu. Unfortunately, the advice from public health officials is conflicting and uncertain.

In a nutshell: nobody knows what the hell is going on, so God help us if this thing starts spreading like wildfire. There’s not even definitive advice on how many shots an at-risk person should receive: could be one, two, three, or even four. It all depends.

This has all the makings of a colossal clusterfuck. Link.

Vegan Hot Wingz

Just in time for football season, VeganDad has a recipe for vegan hot wingz. Link.

Estimate: Bacon Flu has Struck 800,000 New Yorkers

A new study estimates that 10 percent of New Yorkers — about 800,000 people — were sickened with bacon flu last spring. Thomas Frieden, head of the Centers for Disease Control, comments:

That’s a lot of people.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

What’s great is the New York Daily News is having none of this bullshit of referring to the virus as H1N1. Both the headline and the lead of this article refers to the disease as swine flu. (Via Crossfield.) Link.

Nectarines Replace Hotdogs at Ballparks

Here’s some fantastic news: both the greatest team in baseball (the Mets), and the most odious (the Yankees), are offering fresh fruit at their new stadiums.

When you’ve constantly got bad news about processed red meat, it’s probably only a matter of time before ballpark visitors start demanding healthier fare than hotdogs. Link.

The Latest Progress in Germany

An update from animal millionaire Mahi Klosterhalfen, the German battery egg producers’ persona non grata:

The University of Gießen is switching to free-range eggs and egg product – I had started pushing the issue by offering them a Good Egg Award last year. Since then several students sent in emails asking for a switch to free-range eggs and now the universities announced that it will no longer support cage egg production for ethical reasons.

Almost one third of all German noodle producers are already cage-free or going cage-free. Some have decided to do so by themselves, some were probably inspired by our new campaign that asks the entire German food industry to go cage-free.

Europe’s largest animal shelter (in Berlin) has agreed to stop serving meat at their venues, after a protest by vegans (some of whom are friends of mine). The German Vegetarian Society has since given the shelter an award for protecting animals in a consistent way.

A huge retailer stopped selling tiny cages for pet rabbits. One of our supporters sent me an email to inform me about the situation. I passed along the information to a friend of mine, observing that the cages provide exactly as much space as a rabbit mother and her babies are given in factory farming. He issued a press release, which prompted the retailer to respond: “We don’t want to sell animal-unfriendly products.” The retailer then immediately stopped selling the cages.

It’s amazing how many animals Mahi and his associates keep from harm.