Cargill Says it has Found the Holy Grail of Vegan Cheese

Vegan news doesn’t get any huger than this. Cargill, a company hip-deep in factory farming, says its R&D team has made milk obsolete as a cheese ingredient. From its press release: Cargill has launched a unique breakthrough innovation that enables the cost-effective production of a 100 percent non-dairy cheese analogue for pizza and other prepared […]

Jack Daniel’s Meat Products

I’m a big fan of Evan Williams bourbon, which I regard as the cheapest high quality liquor you can buy. But I’ve been meaning to pick up a bottle of Jack Daniel’s for variety’s sake. That won’t be happening now. Jack Daniel’s is set to roll out a line of packaged meats that are flavored […]

Egg Producer Attempts to Subvert Prop 2

What Michael Jordan was to basketball, egg producers are to despicably villainous behavior. They simply have astonishing gifts in this respect that nobody can match. Case in point: one California egg company’s response to Prop 2. Nearly a year ago, California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 2. Among other things, the measure’s language clearly banned battery […]

Peter Singer: Time to End Factory Farming

A great new piece by Peter Singer, written for omnivores, offers up a strong argument for ending factory farming. But what then would people eat, if they can’t afford non-factory farmed meat and eggs? Some have argued that factory farming and industrial-scale meat production must continue to allow meat to be affordable by the less […]

New Egg Industry Propaganda

The American Egg Board is launching a campaign to improve the image of eggs. Their chairman got a spot on yesterday’s Rachel Ray show, and they’ve also bought off Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster to endorse eggs. Here’s the Egg Board’s chairman on the upcoming campaign: Education is a key component of the Good Egg Project, […]

Cory Booker on Colbert

Newark Mayor Cory Booker was on Colbert last night. Good stuff, even if they didn’t talk about Booker’s longtime vegetarian diet. The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c

Asshole of the Month

Emily Weinstein, writing in the Times’ fallaciously named “Mark Bittman on Food” column: I, on the other hand, had never put a live lobster in a pot of boiling water before. I love the moment when a whole boiled lobster is put before me at the table, the red of shell and the craft of […]

Hy-Line’s PR Backfires

Here’s an impossibly great article from, of all places, the Cattle Network. The piece bashes Hy-Line for saying a whole lot of nothing in response to last week’s Mercy For Animals hatchery investigation: Hy-Line’s statement said some practices depicted in the video didn’t reflect the company’s standard procedures. If you viewed the video, the practices […]

Wolves or Sheep

Since posting this blog entry this morning, I’ve rewritten the post, after learning that the United States provides less than 1 percent of all wool. America’s sheep industry is huge, but it’s almost entirely devoted to meat production. The corrected blog entry is below, ending with a link to the original post. It’s been decades […]