Mercy For Animals Billboards Hit Denver

Interestingly, these billboards were paid for by some Denver activists, who wanted to bring Mercy For Animals’ persuasive ads to their city. Anybody, in any city, can contact Mercy For Animals to start their own billboard campaign.

These are two great designs. I’m betting tons of people in Denver go veggie as a result of seeing these billboards. Link.

Boston Veg Food Festival Oct 31-Nov 1st

Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, October 31 and November 1, 2009

Maybe the thing I miss most about living in New England is that I can no longer easily make it to the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. It’s the premier free veggie event in the United States, and this year it has been expanded to two days. So, if you’re in the Northeast, mark your calendar for either October 31 or November 1st, and look forward to an incredible event.

Anti Dogfighting Efforts Strengthen Post Vick

Here’s an outstanding article summarizing the progress that’s been made against dogfighting since Michael Vick’s arrest. It’s becoming clear that the Vick case has dealt dogfighters the heaviest of blows. Link.

NY Times: Vegan Meals for Diabetes

Exciting stuff here: the New York Times has an article about treating type 2 diabetes with a vegan diet. The piece includes four delicious sounding recipes.

Sometimes I wonder what planet I’ve woken up on: just five years ago, you would never have seen stories like this appear in major media. Link.

Vegan Spanakopita

Vegan Spanakopita

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Here’s a phenomenal spanakopita photo, and here’s the recipe.

I just discovered this Manifest: Vegan site, and I’ve got to say it’s going to be my new source for top shelf vegan food porn. I’ve just subscribed.

The World’s Worst Sanctuary

Here’s a great post from Ryan over at VegBlog, even if it does contain the surpassingly annoying and counterproductive term “happy meat.” Salatan’s a bozo for daring to use the term “sanctuary” at a place where every animal’s stay ends with a slit throat. Link.

Vegan Donuts: Revenge of the Lab Test

After QuarryGirl’s groundbreaking but disturbing investigation of the vegan status of various LA restaurants, my heart sank when I saw her tweet this morning that some lab research has been done regarding Ronald’s Donuts.

This Las Vegas establishment is famed for producing vegan donuts that taste disturbingly authentic. Skeptics have had doubts about their vegan status, and were thinking that, you know, maybe Ronald has been sneaking in some eggs to create that texture. Well, doubt no more. Here are the lab results, which show that where eggs are concerned, the donuts are clean as a whistle. Link.

Pollan’s Wisconsin Visit Enrages Dairy Farmers

Michael Pollan’s books don’t go half as far as I’d like them to go, but they probably go about as far as they possibly can for hugely successful mainstream food writing.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has been handing out his latest book, In Defense of Food, to every incoming freshman this year. Considering Wisconsin’s license plates still say “America’s Dairyland,” that means there are a lot of hugely unhappy dairy farmers nearby. And they’ll be congregating tonight at the 17,000 seat arena where Pollan will be addressing the campus. Kudos to Pollan for knowingly walking into this shitstorm.

While Pollan’s consistently hostile to veganism, and although his critiques of vegetarian eating are facile, he’s doing an amazing job of shaking up the food system sufficiently to provide some great vegan activism opportunities.

I’ve got to think that Pollan’s Madison events, taking place tonight and tomorrow, offers a sensational opportunity to pass out some vegan outreach leaflets. Email me if you live near Madison and you’d like to get involved. Link.

Update: Paula Crossfield’s written a nice piece advising farmers on how to respond to Pollan. Link.

Vegan Vitamins

I know, I know, you’ve been meaning to pick up some B-12 to guard against damage to your nervous system, but you haven’t quite gotten around to it. Well, you know what the road to hell is paved with: it’s paved with all the goddamned Vitamin B-12 tablets you knew you should have been taking. Capiche?

Well, today’s your lucky day. Amazon’s got discounted two-packs of Deva vegan B-12 in stock with free shipping available. Plus, they’ve also got vegan multivitamins, either with iron
or without it. All vegans need to cover their B-12 and vitamin needs, and this is a cheap and reliable way to do it. earns commissions from any and all purchases you make whenever you vist Amazon through one of our links. These commissions are what keep this blog updated daily.

How Far to the Nearest McDonald’s?

At long last, the pivotal question confronting all Americans has finally been answered: what’s the farthest you could possibly get from a McDonald’s without leaving the United States? The answer: 107 miles by straight line, or 141 miles by road. To reach this location of undifferentiated bliss, you’ve got to travel all the way to (extremely) rural South Dakota.

The article comes with a snazzy map showing McDonald’s establishments nationwide. I’m afraid it’s not gonna do my native New Jersey’s reputation a damned bit of good. Link.