A Vegan, a Pothead, and an Agribusiness Cheerleader Visit a Rabbi

Here’s a stupid little AgWeb article celebrating two minor slaps at veganism: one from a Norah Jones song, and the other the aforelinked Michiko Kakutani review of Eating Animals. In the Norah Jones song, she sings she’d rather hang out with her dog than a vegan or a pothead. Whatever. Too bad that Jones has […]

Al Gore Comes Out Against Factory farming

Well, he’s not calling for a vegan world, but this is still a really big deal. Al Gore was on Saturday Night Live last week, saying, “We need to stop factory farming and start using sustainable agriculture.” Animal agribusiness isn’t going to be at all happy about this. (Via Kim.)

On Eating Animals and Malaria

The Huffington Post has published a marvelous response to Michiko Kakutani’s execrable review of Eating Animals. The best part of this piece is its pitch-perfect retort to Kakutani’s contention that we shouldn’t bother caring about factory farming as long as people are dying of malaria: Since Kakutani believes that caring is a zero-sum game, and […]

Time Names Vat Meat One of 2009’s Top 50 Inventions

Time magazine just named vat meat one of the top 50 inventions of 2009, which is a bit like naming the automobile the top invention of 1889. It’s going to be a while yet, and key breakthroughs must be made, before vat meat is commercially viable. But it’s looking like that day is coming, even […]

Vegan Advocacy at its Worst

You always want to see an article by a vegan about veganism appearing in the New York Times. Unless it’s this one, published this past weekend. This godawful piece by Gary Steiner is a disaster: The easy part of [coming to terms with animal suffering] consists in seeing clearly what ethics requires and then just […]

NY Times Publishes 2nd Bad Review of Eating Animals

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals has garnered heaps of praise from just about every book review I’ve seen. Yet for the second time in one week, the New York Times has slammed the book. Regarding the Times’ first review, by Jennifer Schuessler, I wrote: The good news is that the New York Times just reviewed […]

Holiday Vegan Book Roundup

Some top books worth considering for this year’s holiday season: Eating Animals looks like it’s going to be the veggie advocacy book of the decade; required reading for even halfway-serious activists. My own Meat Market is sadly going out of print in barely a month. I don’t think any book covers the treatment of cows, […]

Piglets as Footballs: New Mercy For Animals Investigation Released

Once again, Mercy For Animals has converted a nightmare for animals into a nightmare for factory farmers. They got an undercover investigator hired as an employee of Country View Family Farms, which despite its homey name is owned by one of Pennsylvania’s largest pork producers. The investigator videotaped an assortment of abuses, including workers throwing […]

Jonathan Safran Foer on Ellen

Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Eating Animals, was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday. In the top video below, he introduces the main points made in his book, and probably makes a stronger argument for veg*n eating than has ever been made on national TV. In the bottom video embedded below, he answers audience questions. […]