Podcast: Jonathan Safran Foer on Eating Animals

It’s the last podcast of 2009, and we’re going out with a bang. Jonathan Safran Foer joins me for a 42-minute podcast in which we discuss how to engage people on the subject of animal farming. Jonathan’s outstanding book Eating Animals is by far the most influential text on factory farming to be released […]

From Veal to Vegan

Less than a year ago, Cruzer Pizza and Pasta was about as vegan-unfriendly as a pizza joint could be: not only were the veggie options sparse, the restaurant actually served veal. Thanks to my friend Michelle Sass, the chain dropped veal from its menu and became the first pizza restaurant in the Western United States […]

Final Holiday Gift Roundup for 2009

Some final gift thoughts, since we’ve got only a few days left before Amazon’s free shipping deal won’t get your gifts to you in time for the holidays. My top four book recommendations for this holiday season are Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, Tal Ronnen’s The Conscious Cook, Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet, and Robin […]

The Atlantic Interviews Jonathan Safran Foer

The Atlantic just posted a lengthy interview with Eating Animals author Jonathan Safran Foer. I love his thoughts on how people can latch on to the vegetarian or vegan concepts as excuses for making no changes in how they eat: There are an awful lot of people who care about this stuff and for reasons […]

Wayne Pacelle on USDA Spent Hen Meat Purchases

On Wednesday, I blogged about the USDA program which has spent $145 million over the past decade buying spent hen meat for the National School Lunch Program. Now HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle has an article all about this practice. The whole piece is worth reading, and Pacelle’s conclusion makes perfect sense: So what’s the USDA’s […]

Spent Hens for School Lunches

As meat goes, it doesn’t get much worse than meat from spent hens — the hens who spend eighteen months or so laying eggs in battery cages before they’re sent to slaughter. Owing to their age and accumulated privations, their flesh is tough and stringy and generally not something people want to eat. So the […]

The Daily Show on Vat Meat

The Daily Show did a segment last week on vat meat. Unfortunately, it’s a disappointing piece that snickers at vat meat for being disgusting, while giving factory farming’s vastly more disgusting corpses a free ride. There is, however, one killer line: Stewart calls sausages, “anus-grade pork.” Jimmy Dean won’t like that one bit. (Thanks, Matt.) […]

McDonald’s McRib Returns

Four years ago, McDonald’s made a promise for the benefit of all humanity. They vowed to retire their McRib sandwich, and never, ever bring it back. This seemed a selfless, yet long overdue gesture for the public good, given that the McRib is a bizarre processed pork product that has fake “ribs” running the length […]

Final Month: Meat Market Close Out Deals

  First, a giant thank you to all readers who picked up copies of Meat Market over the past month. More than 200 copies sold during the past four weeks, and I hugely appreciate everyone who scooped up some copies while they’re still available. For those of you who follow this blog but don’t […]

Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday Song

Here’s a video of Paul McCartney performing the song live, and you can get an MP3 of the studio version for free by visiting his Meat Free Monday website. This guy’s really talented. If he keeps at this music thing, I bet he could become a big success. (Thanks, Ben.)