Whole Foods Market to Carry Daiya Vegan Cheese Starting Tomorrow

Some fantastic news: starting tomorrow, Daiya vegan cheese will be carried at all 279 Whole Foods Market locations in the USA. I’ve only had the stuff once since it’s been so hard to get where I live, but I can vouch for the fact that it lives up to the hype. The stuff could seriously […]

Top Vegan News Stories for March, 2010

This month marked two years of daily blogging for Vegan.com. And in that time, without spending a penny on advertising, my RSS and email subscribers have grown to about 3000 people—you can check the new Feedburner widget in this site’s upper right hand corner for an exact daily count. This growth has occurred without my […]

Weekly Ad: This Week’s Amazon Bestsellers

Our top-selling items from the past week from Amazon’s selection of vegan books and vegan groceries, all priced well below retail with free shipping available: Books: Eating Animals Gristle: Why You Should Think Twice About Meat 1,000 Vegan Recipes American Vegan Kitchen The 30-Minute Vegan: Over 175 Quick, Delicious, and Healthy Recipes for Everyday Cooking […]

VegTalk Podcast: Doug Stanhope

And now for something completely different: a podcast featuring comedian Doug Stanhope. Although we spend several minutes talking about animal issues, mostly our conversation veers far from this series’ usual theme. Doug is hands down my favorite comedian, so it was a real pleasure to get the chance to talk with him. If you enjoy […]

Coauthor Admits Flaw in Livestock’s Long Shadow

Some annoying news: UC Davis’ Prof. Frank Mitloehner, who I blogged about yesterday, has found an admitted flaw in Livestock’s Long Shadow, a 2006 United Nations study that’s become the gold standard in reports tying meat to climate change. The report concluded that meat caused 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, and indicated this total […]

Can PETA be Fixed?

So I was on Digg.com this morning and I came upon a front page link to a Huffington Post story about PETA going after Mike Tyson for doing a reality show for Animal Planet based on his pigeon racing hobby. If you read my blog regularly, you probably know I’m not a huge fan of […]

Vegan.com 2010 Sale-A-Bration

My lifelong dream was to sell cars, because what could be more exciting than hosting your very own a sale-a-bration? But I gave all of that up to go into veggie advocacy. Yet my dream of one day having my very own sale-a-bration has persisted lo these many years. And so today I announce to […]

Weekly Ad: This Week’s Amazon Bestsellers

Our top-selling items from the past week, all priced well below retail with free shipping available: Cookbooks: American Vegan Kitchen, Tamasin Noyes. The Conscious Cook, Tal Ronnen. Books: Gristle: Why You Should Think Twice About Meat, by Moby and Miyun Park. Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy, and Poultry Farms to Humans […]

HSUS Interviews Author of Animal Factory

HSUS just interviewed David Kirby, the author of a new exposé on factory farming titled Animal Factory. One question they asked had to do with the angle Kirby chose for his book: In the book, you focus less on the treatment of animals at factory farms, and more on the air, water, and ground pollution […]