Ryan Andrews: Sucker or Shill?

The million dollar question for the vegan world this month is this: is Ryan Andrews just a sucker, or is he a shill for the beef industry? Joshua Stark, a conscientious omnivore and grass-fed beef proponent, has a lengthy and superb blog entry which makes a strong argument that Andrews is not simply a garden-variety […]

Cattle Feedlots are Like a Holiday Inn

Ryan Andrews, a vegan bodybuilder and strength coach, has overjoyed America’s cattlemen by touring a 22,000-head feedlot and then parroting beef industry talking points: You see, very few people in the nutrition world are ever allowed to visit feedlots. In fact, some of my favorite authors have written entire books about feedlots without ever being […]

Walter Willett Bashes USDA’s Latest Milk & Meat Advice

Two weeks ago, I jeered at the USDA for releasing new nutrition guidelines that called for increased milk consumption. Now other experts are weighing in. In today’s Los Angeles Times, Walter Willet, the Chair of Harvard’s nutrition department, writes: … the recommendation for three servings of milk per day is not justified and is likely […]

Powerful New York Times Magazine Letter by Mariann Sullivan

Magnificent letter by Mariann Sullivan, in response to the New York Times Magazine’s “Animal Cruelty Syndrome” article: Siebert deftly explores the connection between violence against animals and other forms of violence, but he avoids the implications. The article mentions that children who witness violence toward their family pet “suppress their own feelings of kindness and […]

Weekly Ad: This Week’s Amazon Bestsellers

  It’s the best-ever time to stock up on DEVA brand vegan vitamins and DHA fulfilled by Amazon. Right now, Amazon is offering free two day shipping on all DEVA purchases over $25. I’ve no idea how long this special will last, so double check the vitamins you’re interested in to ensure the special is […]

Study Finds Vegetarians Happier than Meat Eaters

The results caught the researchers off guard: The researchers found the vegetarians reported diets significantly lower in EPA and DHA, the omega-3 fatty acids that we get from eating fish, and which many studies have found are a key factor in improving both physical and mental health. So they expected to find the vegetarians would […]

Pollan of the Sea

Four Fish author Paul Greenberg has produced a wonderfully written, important, flawed, and depressing as all hell article for the New York Times’ Magazine on the collapse of bluefin tuna populations. The piece is filled with solid research and, at times, penetrating analysis: In the years to come we can treat tuna as a mile […]

Review: The CAFO Reader—The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories

The CAFO Reader is now in stock at Amazon.com. If you’re a serious animal advocate, this is a book you’ll want to own. CAFO stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation; it’s the industry’s term for a factory farm. This book brings together key writings by just about every prominent critic of factory farming, including both […]

CSPI Threatens to Sue McDonald’s Over Happy Meal Toys

Never forget that the biggest threat to factory farming and the fast food industry comes, not from vegans or animal rights people, but from the far more mainstream groups funded primarily by conscientious omnivores. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, the group that burst to prominence in 1994 by exposing the fat and […]

Cause of Italy’s Blue Mozzarella Identified

The mystery of Italy’s blue mozzarella has apparently been solved. A German agricultural website says “pus bacteria” is to blame. I’m unclear if they mean pus and bacteria, or pus-eating bacteria. Well, whatever. All I know is that two things you don’t want in your cheese are pus and bacteria. (Thanks, Mahi.) Link.