Commitment Tuesday, November 2010

It’s the last Tuesday of the month, so it’s time for another commitment Tuesday. Head over to our Facebook thread and make a public commitment about whatever action you’re ready to take. Some suggestions:

  • Try a 21-day vegan pledge, or do the Mark Bittman Vegan until Six thing.
  • Cut out eggs or dairy products.
  • Resolve to try ten new vegan foods this month.
  • Read the free online version of my Ultimate Vegan Guide.
  • Make the final plunge and go vegan full-time.
  • Order a few hundred copies of Even If You Like Meat, and pass them out at your local college in December or January.
  • Make a donation to the nonprofit animal protection group of your choice.
  • Take a non-vegan grocery shopping or to your favorite restaurant, and introduce him/her to some great new foods.
  • Find a way to get the coffee table book, CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories into a high-traffic place.
  • Order books like Meat Market or Eating Animals for your holiday gift giving.
  • Learn to be a more effective activist by participating in the Meat Market book club.

Whatever you choose, please don’t keep it to yourself. Making a public declaration of your commitment inspires others to take actions of their own on behalf of animals.

I hope you’ll share this blog entry on your Facebook wall, so your friends will also be inspired to make their own commitments.

Virginia Messina on the Vegan Health Argument

When I published Meat Market in 2005, some readers were unbelievably pissed off at me for suggesting “the health argument” was frequently overused and exaggerated by vegans. This morning, Virginia Messina wrote a blog entry asserting pretty much the same thing. She makes a lot of great points about the limitations of this argument, and the hazards that may accompany its use.

Virginia, by the way, will be a participant in my three week Meat Market book club that begins tomorrow. She’ll be running a thread devoted to a detailed examination of the health argument. Link.

Paul Shapiro on HSUS’ Poultry Campaigns

Big accomplishments this past week from Paul’s factory farming campaign and other teams at HSUS. Paul writes:

Last week, I gave the rundown on some of the media coverage from HSUS’s recent investigation at the nation’s largest egg producer and also announced our new look inside the biggest US turkey hatchery. Like the battery cage investigation, the fallout from the turkey case was significant, with coverage on’s home page, the Associated Press, and many other stories, too.

This week, we announced the filing of a class action lawsuit against poultry giant Perdue for engaging in misleading claims about animal welfare. You can read more and watch a short video about it, and see the coverage in papers like the Baltimore Sun, New Jersey’s Star-Ledger, and more.

The pressure on factory farming just keeps intensifying.

2011 to be Losing Year for Dairies

The dairy industry’s bloodbath continues. Thanks to high grain costs, most will lose money in 2011. Meanwhile, soy, rice, and almond milks are only gaining ground. Link.

Vegan Outreach’s Lessons from Switch

Long and interesting post from Vegan Outreach tying the lessons from Chip and Dan Heath’s book Switch to the everyday accomplishments of Adopt A College leafletters.

Being persuasive when it comes to talking about diet is as much a learned skill as playing guitar, and veteran activists have typically found ways to be vastly more persuasive than newbie vegans. If you’re relatively new to talking to others about being vegan, I have to think this post will help you to become significantly more persuasive. Link.

Senate Passes Food Safety Bill

It passed by a wide margin but could still go down the toilet if the House and Senate can’t reconcile their versions of the bill before this year’s congressional term ends. The New York Times has excellent coverage. (Thanks, James.) Link.

Atlantic Food: Bear Meat “Worth Trying”

The Atlantic publishes another stinker foodie article, “Bear: A Meat Worth Trying.” It dovetails perfectly with an article I’d like to write: “The Atlantic Food Section: A Site Not Worth Reading.” Link.