Roberto Martin’s Vegan Cooking for Omnivores

Ellen DeGeneres’ personal chef’s new book has just been released: Vegan Cooking for Carnivores: Over 125 Recipes So Tasty You Won’t Miss the Meat. It’s exciting that, as I write this, the book is ranked #30 on I bet we can all think of a few omnivores near and dear to us who this […]

VegWeek 2012

Compassion Over Killing’s annual weeklong event is happening April 23-29th. There are tons of great events being held across the United States. And thirty public officials and influential people have resolved to go meatless for the week. If you’re an omnivore wanting to give meatless eating a one-week test drive, sign up here.

David Sztybel on Gary Francione

David Sztybel writes possibly the best critique of Gary Francione’s work I’ve yet seen. It’s a thoughtful and well-crafted argument that doesn’t lend itself well to excerpting, so go and read the whole thing. My take on Francione is that he came up with a persuasive, reasonable sounding, but utterly wrong position a couple decades […]

Salatin Rubuts McWilliams’ “Myth of Humane Meat”

Last week’s James McWilliams article for the New York Times has prompted Michael Pollan’s farmer hero, Joel Salatin, to weigh in. Until now, I’ve never realized what a crank Salatin is. Salatin writes: Wetlands emit some 95 percent of all methane in the world; herbivores are insignificant enough to not even merit consideration. Hard to […]

James McWilliams: “The Myth of Sustainable Meat”

The Michael Pollans and Joel Salatins of the food movement are gonna freak when they see James McWilliams’ new op-ed. Its conclusion is gold—these are words I never dreamed would one day be printed in the New York Times: Opponents of industrialized agriculture have been declaring for over a decade that how humans produce animal […]

Gordon Ramsay Condemns Factory Pig Farming

This video is from last May but somehow hasn’t been widely seen. Ramsay discovers the real nightmare isn’t in the kitchen. After reviewing a factory pig farming video he says: It’s enough to make anyone turn fucking vegetarian for God’s sake. And I’ve always sort of knocked vegetarians and vegans for missing out on the […]

McDonald’s Restaurants at 22 USA Hospitals

Absolutely shameful, and a great embarrassment to the hospitals and to McDonald’s alike. Seven of these hospitals are specifically for children, because I suppose there’s nothing like serving a Happy Meal to a four-year-old suffering from leukemia. This is the sort of list that, if adequately publicized, will force McDonald’s to withdraw from this market. […]

A Review: John Robbins’ No Happy Cows

Last Saturday night, I clicked a Facebook ad for John Robbins’ new book: No Happy Cows: Dispatches from the Frontlines of the Food Revolution. I was sold as soon as I read the title, and five seconds later I purchased the book for my Kindle. Now I’m wishing that offered a way to refund […]

Lance Armstrong Jumps on Engine 2

Lance Armstrong is the latest person to give the all-vegan Engine 2 Diet a shot. Armstrong’s basically combining this approach with Bittman’s “Vegan Until 6” concept, in which he strictly follows the Engine 2 Diet throughout the day, and then eats whatever he wants for dinner. It seems to be going very well so far: […]