An Omnivore No More

Marla Rose fires back at this week’s “A Vegan No More” blog entry, using to hilarious effect the same melodramatic, overwrought language used by Tasha. Rose casts herself as a failed omnivore, and turns Tasha’s silly emotional arguments on their head.

When I threw away the cheese, tossed the chicken in the garbage, it just felt so profoundly right: even more, when I piled the pizza high with gorgeous roasted vegetables, a cornucopia from our local farms, it just felt so correct, deep inside, and I felt the ancient echo of uncomplicated contentment I had been missing from my life for so long as an omnivore. I don’t know if I had ever been so hungry or had that innate hunger so completely satisfied. Yes, my starving soul nearly screamed with each voluptuous bite of silky roasted vegetables and chewy crust, yes.


Almost immediately after I quietly shifted from being an omnivore, I found that I had more energy. I felt lighter, liberated, and the heaviness I’d once felt after a big meal filled with meat and cheese was no longer evident. My heart was light, too, unburdened of the weight of all those hard, indigestible feelings that I’d suppressed for so long. I felt like singing to the world, “This feels right! Finally, I am back to being who I was meant to be!”

Nice to see Tasha receive a dose of her own medicine. As an aside, Marla’s husband, John Beske,  created the awesome cover for my Ultimate Vegan Guide. They’re two of my favorite vegan advocates in Chicago. Link.


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