A Matter of Perspective

I just came across this strange news item about a recall of some transcendentally tacky jumbo snow globes sold at Hallmark stores. Turns out they sold about $700,000 worth in two months this autumn, and now they’re all being recalled because they pose a fire hazard. See, when the sun hits your snow globe at a certain angle, the light might concentrate on the felt packaging of your commemorative 9/11 Twin Towers 24k gold coin collection, setting your entire house ablaze.

It’s hard to believe, but just two months’ worth of sales for this piece of crap snow globe amounted to nearly all of Vegan Outreach’s budget in the latest fiscal year: the group took in $731K and spent $710K.

Perhaps because of the financial meltdown, fundraising hasn’t been keeping pace with the demand for leaflet distribution. So Vegan Outreach has been doing some serious, and unwanted, belt-tightening. From a recent letter:

We’ve let two paid leafleters go, and put another on an open-ended hiatus.

Instead of hiring to replace our retired Bay Area leafleters, we’ve cut our presence in New England, moving Brian Grupe from Boston to Oakland.

The geographical range of our leafleting tours has been limited.

Rather than pursuing all opportunities, we’ve told our leafleters to be conservative with booklets, leafleting only those situations and crowds thought to have the most potential.

The suggested donation for booklets has been increased.

It’s one thing to cut out fat, but all of the above cuts represent muscle that was delivering much-needed help to animals. If you’re planning to make a year-end charitable donation, please consider donating to Vegan Outreach this time around.


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