A Vegan, a Pothead, and an Agribusiness Cheerleader Visit a Rabbi

Here’s a stupid little AgWeb article celebrating two minor slaps at veganism: one from a Norah Jones song, and the other the aforelinked Michiko Kakutani review of Eating Animals.

In the Norah Jones song, she sings she’d rather hang out with her dog than a vegan or a pothead. Whatever. Too bad that Jones has always been stick-your-head-in-the-oven boring; ironically she sings the sort of music that would require epic hits from a four foot skull bong to render interesting.

And I’ve already written about Kakutani’s clueless review.

The AgWeb guy points to these two turds and calls them, “A fresh approach,” and then crows, “Goodness! Common sense rears it uncommon head.”

Along with Putin over Alaska, I suppose.

Here’s what we’ve come to: the anti-meat chorus has grown so large that agribusiness has been reduced to grasping at straws. Link.


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