Amazon Releases New Kindles

I just pre-ordered’s just-announced Kindle Fire tablet for $199. I can’t wait to get my hands on it to see how it compares to my iPad 2. Amazon also today announced a Kindle Touch starting at just $99, and a new entry-level Kindle costing just $79. If you order any of these through my links, gets a kickback.

My effectiveness as an animal advocate depends on my ability to easily consume and share information, and I can’t overstate how much tablets have helped me in this regard. On top of that, there’s a growing supply of ultra-cheap vegan literature released on the Kindle, from my own 99¢ Ultimate Vegan Guide to Alicia Silverstone’s $2.99 Kind Diet to Nick Cooney’s essential Change of Heart—which can be had on Kindle for less than half its paperback cost. I expect the number of steeply discounted vegan-oriented Kindle titles to explode in the next year, with some titles, such as my $2.99 Vegan History, being unavailable in paperback.

I’m generally not a fan of purchasing shiny new things. You’d have to look hard to an American who lives with fewer things than me, but I regard quality tools for information consumption and sharing as essential to my animal advocacy work. Today’s new slate of Kindles, especially the Fire tablet, will be put to use in all sorts of creative ways by the animal protection community. And Amazon’s aggressive pricing takes all the sting out of being an early adopter.

At these prices, I be surprised if these new Kindles don’t quickly go on weeks-long backorder, just like the original Kindle and Apple’s iPad 2 did. So if these products interest you I’d urge you to order without delay.

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