Andrew Sullivan: “How Can I Eat Meat?”

He begins his response by saying, “I don’t really have a defense,” and then moves on to say, “without meat, I don’t know what I’d do.” He concludes, “I have absolutely no leg to stand on,” and finally, “I don’t have any excuse except my own weakness of the flesh.”

Sullivan’s one of my favorite bloggers, and I give him serious props for not spewing some evasive bullshit answer. It’s clear that he doesn’t yet understand that the process of moving toward a vegan diet is both easy and enjoyable. It’s something you can do gradually and without feelings of sacrifice, and the transition is a wonderful experience.

I doubt there’s a more important responsibility in life than to transcend your shortcomings and eliminate the physical and emotional harm you bring to others. If I could learn to stop being homophobic, Sullivan could certainly make the effort to regularly try new vegan foods. And as he discovers new foods he enjoys, the animal products he grew up eating would automatically get crowded out of his diet.

I’m going to send him a copy of my Ultimate Vegan Guide, and ask him to consider trying out a vegan diet for the month of November. As with every other vegan I’ve met, he’ll doubtless discover that the transition is ten times easier than he expected. Link.


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