Available Now: 99-Cent Ultimate Vegan Guide

If you’re a regular reader, today’s the day I could use your help. I’ve just published an updated 2011 edition of my popular Ultimate Vegan Guide. It’s better than ever before, and this time around I’ve decided to cut away nearly all my royalties so that it can be priced as an impulse buy. The Kindle edition is just 99 cents, and the paperback edition has been cut from $14.95 to $8.95.

I don’t have the budget to mail hundreds of copies of this book to reviewers across the country, but I have something infinitely more powerful than that. I have you.

Will you think about ways that you can leverage your standing within the vegetarian community to spread the word about this book? Some obvious steps include linking to the new release on your Facebook profile, your fan page, your twitter feed, and your blog. If you’re active in any online vegetarian-oriented forums, I’d likewise be grateful if you could mention the book’s release there.

Everything I just mentioned will take only a few moments to do, and it will help me immeasurably in allowing the book to reach more people. If you feel inspired to take even greater action, here are some big-time ways that you can help out:

  • Write a review of the new edition, emphasizing the 99-cent price point, and submit it to any websites, nonprofits, forums, or blogs where this title would likely be of interest. And of course, please also post your review on Amazon.com.

  • Got a friend or a family member with a Kindle? Buy them a copy! Just click the "Give as a Gift" button in the upper right corner of the Kindle edition’s page on Amazon.com. You’ll need to know the e-mail account that is associated with your friend’s Kindle.

  • Finally, please think of any hard-core, serious animal advocates with whom you are on good terms, and make sure that you bring this book to their attention.

Changing the pricing of the vegan guide to make it as close to free as possible is one of the greatest sacrifices I’ve made to date for animals. I’ve basically decided to do away with one of my most important income streams, in the hope that this choice will result in the book getting into tens of thousands more hands. But the make or break is whether my friends will seize this moment and step up to give this book the push it needs. Can you help The Ultimate Vegan Guide go viral?

Here are the pages to link to:

I’d love to see this book rocket into one of Amazon’s top hundred or thousand Kindle books. I’m doing all I can, and now whether this book goes viral or not is up to you. Will you help?


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