Vegan Frozen Yogurt Explosion!

In honor of summer we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on some exciting frozen yogurt news that is making veganism creamier than ever. Vegan frozen yogurt has left the niche market and gone mainstream.

Here are some chains that have started adding vegan frozen yogurt options:

Here are local shops that offer vegan fro-yo:

  • Vegan Treats (Pennsylvania)
  • Karma Cream (Florida)
  • Oh Yeah! Ice Cream (Pennsylvania)
  • Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Sweet Frog (Richmond, Virginia)
  • The Chicago Diner (Illinois)
  • Purity Ice Cream (New York)

You can also make your own vegan soft serve at home using frozen bananas and a blender!

If you know of additional vegan-friendly frozen yogurt shops that are not listed here, please contact us