Big First Day for My Ultimate Vegan Guide

My new 99-cent Ultimate Vegan Guide’s gotten off to an unbelievable start—it’s about to crack Kindle’s top 500 bestsellers, and it’s currently Kindle’s #4 bestselling diet book! I could HUGELY use your help to keep things going. To help spread the word, please post a link to this URL on your Facebook page and to your Twitter feed:

And then write brief blurb letting your friends know that the book’s just 99 cents.

If you can blog a review, or otherwise work to get the word out, please email me so I can thank you. The book would never have gotten off to such a great start were it not for the efforts of dozens of readers. I’m immensely appreciative to everyone who has stepped up to help.

As long as it keeps selling like this, it’ll be highly visible to thousands of omnivores doing general searches for diet and health books. So please help me to keep ramping up exposure for this book, by using social networking and other channels to spread the word. As my friend Jodi put it, for the price of half a latte, you can learn what it takes to save thousands of animals.

One last important thing: you don’t need a Kindle to read this book. Amazon has free Kindle reader apps available for iPhone, Windows, Mac,  Blackberry, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 7.


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