2011 Humane Trends Report

2011 Humane Trends Report

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Some figures extracted from a “Humane Trends Baseline Report” released yesterday by the Humane Research Council:

  1. 91 percent of U.S. adults say that protecting companion animals is important
  2. There are 14 laws in seven states that limit the confinement of farm animals
  3. An estimated 3.5 million cats and dogs were killed in animal shelters in 2010
  4. 89 percent of U.S. medical schools do not require terminal animal labs
  5. More than 9 billion land-based farm animals are slaughtered for food annually
  6. Only 15 U.S. states have policies that allow students to opt out of dissection
  7. 15 million hunting licenses were issued in 2011, up 520,000 in the past two years
  8. There are 376 endangered animal species in the U.S. as of 2010
Useful numbers for animal advocates considering which activism opportunities deserve priority. I’d put item #5 atop the list. Link.
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