5 Easy Ways to Spread Veganism in 2012

Here are four items that take just a minute or two to complete, and that will create positive change through out the year—plus a final item that will require an hour and ten bucks, and get you started doing serious activism.

  1. Add a vegan-friendly signature to your email; a short non-guilt inducing sentence. End it with a couple links: I suggest linking to MFA’s Farm to Fridge video and the free online version of my Ultimate Vegan Guide. Don’t know how to create a signature? Here are instructions for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Apple’s iOS Mail app, and Outlook. Can’t think of what to say? Just use: Keep animals from harm every time you sit down to eat. Watch “Farm to Fridge” and read The Ultimate Vegan Guide.
  2. Join Twitter, follow me, and get more comfortable spreading pro-vegan material there and on Facebook.
  3. Bring a delicious food item to work or school, and share it with non-vegans. The key is that this must be something that no sane person would find anything but sensational. Ideally, this will be a food that your friends can easily purchase locally. Anybody who likes what you’ve served will therefore probably make that food a regular part of their diets.
  4. Give a receptive friend your favorite pro-vegan book. If you want to get the most bang for the buck, post an offer to your Facebook wall to buy the Kindle version of my Ultimate Vegan Guide for any friend who comments. At just 99 cents per person, this is a fantastic and dirt-cheap way to get interested people reading more about becoming vegan.
  5. Throw Vegan Outreach $10 and ask them to send you a hundred copies of Even if You Like Meat. Pass these out at your local university or junior college. You can easily distribute that quantity in an hour on a busy campus, and I guarantee that you will see students read the booklet cover-to-cover during your visit. You’ll see first-hand that this is information people are hungry for, but wouldn’t be exposed to if it weren’t for you making the effort.

2012 can be your best-ever year for animals. Do one or all of the items on this list and you’ll be getting your year’s advocacy off to an amazing start. Now please stop whatever you’re doing and do one item on the list right now.


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