A Meathead’s Meatless Month

Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn, the guy who publishes AmazingRibs.com, has decided to go meat free for the next month. He’s as unlikely a candidate for vegetarianism as you’ll ever meet. I mean, get a load of this:

The scent of roasting ribs and sizzling steaks are as important to me as music or art.

So why has he decided to forgo meat for the next month?

Some of the arguments against meat do not impress me. But two give me pause every time I reach for my tongs:

  1. The way most of our beef, pork, fowl, and fish are grown nowadays, in huge factory farms, can be inhumane.
  2. These methods may be harmful to humans.

Goldwyn’s going to write about his month going meatless. He’s got a friendly, likable writing style, and he’ll be speaking to an audience completely unreceptive to the work of people like Jonathan Safran Foer. I don’t think he’s yet quite as informed about the subject as Grant Butler was when he began his month as a vegan, but I’ve got a feeling he’s really receptive to getting as much from the experience as possible, rather than trying to hate every last moment.

I have little doubt that in a month Goldwyn will be back in his barbecue pit, but I’ve also got a strong sense that some great things will happen between now and then. I’ll definitely be following his writing this month. (Thanks, Richard.) Link.