Activist Profile: Brianne Donaldson

Vegan Outreach just published a great interview with leafletter Brianne Donaldson. As a doctorate student, she’s got ample excuse to claim she’s too busy to leaflet. But that hasn’t stopped her from finding time to pass out nearly 90,000 booklets.

Here’s her response to being asked about her most positive leafletting experience:

I have a “most positive experience” nearly every time I leaflet. Truth be told, leafleting has renewed my hope in humans and our longing for inspiring visions. I wouldn’t have expected that, but the sincerity and curiosity I witness among students on college campuses or death metal concertgoers reminds me that personal transformation is not a passing fad and the space between who we have been and what we might be is rich with compassionate possibilities that have a seemingly infinite reach.

My favorite experiences are when a group of students or a pair of friends pass by, some take a leaflet, some don’t, but the conversation gets started among them, a disruption that leads to unexpected synthesis, fissures, and exploration of differences. Also, when someone passes once, twice, three times and finally comes up to take a leaflet, it helps me to remember that everyone I see is changing moment by moment and we can never write someone off entirely. Lastly, when someone is uncertain about their ability to go veg, it is always satisfying to represent the spaciousness of VO’s philosophy to encourage others to take a next step, to reduce the number of chickens and fish one eats, to choose a few meals each week…to go for a sustained commitment, rather than a crash and burn attempt at vegan “purity.”

With the winter semester starting up, now’s a great time to become active in the Adopt a College program. Link.