Agriprocessors Manager Found Guilty; Faces Centuries in the Big House

Booyah! Deluxe! It’s the karma-is-a-bitch moment of the year. Sholom Rubashkin, former manager of Agriprocesors, has been found guilty of 86 of 91 counts of financial fraud. And that’s not all: next month Rubashkin faces the music on 72 immigration charges.

Rubashkin’s lawyers promise to appeal, and they’re also attempting to free him on bail. But unless they complete a Hail Mary pass, Rubashkin’s facing an Old Testament-style sentence: he’s already looking at several hundred years, and that’s not counting the potential immigration sentence.

All the way back in 2004, PETA released a video showing that Agriprocessors was perpetrating some of the worst slaughterhouse cruelties ever captured on tape. But it wasn’t until the Feds carried out a 2008 raid, on immigration charges, that it appeared inevitable that Rubashkin would pay the piper.

Wouldn’t want to trade places right around now. Link.