Amateur Blowfish Chef Poisons Seven

So let’s say for some ungodly reason you’ve decided that you want to eat some testicles. Stay with me here, because this is important information.

I suppose, having made that decision, there are any number of animal testicles you could decide to eat: bull testicles, horse testicles, even rat testicles. You know, you could even eat fish testicles if that’s what you really wanted to do.

So suppose you decided that you wanted to eat some fish testicles. OK, I’m not here to judge. But I’d strongly advise you to avoid eating blowfish testicles because:

1) Not only are you eating the testicles of a fish, which is bad enough, but…

2) The toxins in these fine testes could kill you!

OK, then. But suppose you had your heart set on eating blowfish testicles. If that’s really the case, all I can say is that you need to make sure the sushi chef preparing your blowfish testicles is licensed.

There are seven diners from Japan who learned this advice the hard way, after consuming blowfish balls prepared by an unlicensed chef. Their next meal was hospital food, and a couple of them could die. As if eating the testicles of a fish wasn’t punishment enough. (Thanks, Charles.) Link.