Amber’s Hashimoto’s

Practically Raw author Amber Shea Crawley writes:

I have Hashimoto’s disease. Hashimoto’s (or “Hashi’s”) is an autoimmune disease in which your body attacks, and gradually destroys, your thyroid gland, the energy production center of your endocrine system. A genetic predisposition combined with a long history of undereating and overexercising (I’m not one of those bloggers who speaks openly of having a history of eating disorders, but I may as well tell you, I do) made me susceptible to thyroid problems, and three years ago, around when the weight gain began, Hashi’s finally started to set in.


I hope you all understand why I kept this so close to my chest for so long. My worst nightmare is for someone to hear my health is failing and for them to ascribe it to my high-raw, almost-vegan diet. They don’t know what my childhood diet (or non-diet) was like, they don’t know what my body’s been through in the past, yet they might make the snap judgment that my current diet has caused my current problems, when that’s simply not the case—health is far more cumulative than that. I’m absolutely petrified that people will no longer trust my nutritional advice, buy my book, make my recipes, read my blog, or believe in the diet I believe in, simply because I myself am not in tip-top shape for reasons outside my control.

What a moving story. It’s hugely courageous of Amber to go public with this, and her piece offers such a contrast to the mercenary way that Paula Deen handled her diabetes announcement.

So many people go through life frightened about the hypothetical judgements of their communities—and the only sensible alternative to living in fear is to remind yourself that good people respond with decency, kindness, and fairness. Everyone else can pound sand. Link.