Animal Agriculture Alliance Opposes “Misinformation”

Those worthless fucks over at the AAA (Animal Agriculture Alliance) are back with another idiotic editorial in Drovers. It’s looking increasingly like Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals is a must-read, given how vehemently the Alliance objects to the author and the book.

They mention that Saffron’s on the Board of Directors for Farming Forward, and that the group’s website says it is, “easier to see inside a prison than a CAFO.”

I’m stunned that the AAA chose that quote to feature, since it’s indisputably true. It’s much easier to get into a prison than a CAFO. And, in fact, in the last Drover’s editorial written by the AAA, they were demanding stiff legal penalties, which undoubtedly meant prison, for undercover investigators at factory farms.

The piece continues with a bunch of muddled arguments, including an entire paragraph that suggests that animal products are unique as a source of protein.

There’s also an incredibly bad faith argument regarding polution: the article cites a three-month period in Iowa from two years ago, in which no major factory farm spills occurred, and uses this to suggest that factory farm pollution is a trivial problem compared to human sewage spills. So they’re choosing just a ninety-day period from a single state to suggest that the entire industry has clean hands when it comes to water pollution. Needless to say, they didn’t link to this article.

The piece even cites what must be the most expensive free-range poultry farm in the world, where whole chickens cost a whopping $47 each, in order to suggest that only factory farmed meat is affordable.

And then its last paragraph proclaims, “It is not fair to have the livelihoods of America’s farmers and ranchers threatened by the spread of misinformation.” (Via Hawthorne.) Link.