Animal Tech Arrested in Annie Le Murder

The Annie Le murder is probably the most publicized American murder of the year, for good reason: it involved a smart beautiful young woman whose body was discovered in a wall on the day of her wedding.

I decided not to blog about this until there was an arrest, even though the details below were available earlier this week. From the New York Daily News:

Cops had staked out Clark – who does menial work with animals as a tech in a building where Le had an office – for 24 hours before they took him in.

And this from a neighbor:

[Clark] kept a pit bull caged in his apartment…We could hear the dog crying all day while he was at work.

This is the kind of person Yale University, a top Ivy League campus, managed to hire to care for the animals that they used as research subjects. I have no doubt that Clark treated every lab animal he handled with the utmost kindness and respect. Link. Latest arrest info here.