Another Factory Farm Burns in Southern Manitoba

Last November, somebody sneaked into a factory pig farm in Hull, Iowa and disabled its ventilation system, killing 3800 pigs.

This past week, in Southern Manitoba, up to 500 pigs in a factory farm died or were euthanized after the facility’s feed, water, and ventilation systems somehow ceased to work properly. In contrast to the Iowa incident, there was apparently nobody on the scene of the Southern Manitoba operation for weeks at a time—and the pigs seem to have died over a period of about a month. Law enforcement removed the surviving 2000 pigs from the property.

It’s a straight shot from Hull to Southern Manitoba, a 500 mile drive due north up Interstate 29.

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog over the past few months, Southern Manitoba may be ringing some alarm bells since I’ve blogged about a string of suspicious fires at factory farms in the region. In May, there were three separate fires in Southern Manitoba, together killing nearly 8000 animals.

Well, the story hasn’t ended for the factory farm that was the scene of this week’s neglect case: late last night it suffered “extensive damage” from a fire. (Thanks, Paul.) Link