Another Problem with Meat: Deadstock Disposal

Outstanding article from James McWilliams in The Atlantic on the little-discussed nuisance of deadstock disposal. As I read the stomach-churning details, I kept hoping McWilliams would make the obvious point in the conclusion, and, happily, he nails it:

Unfortunately, the challenges we now face with respect to slaughterhouse waste and downed animals demand urgent solutions. With rendering plants on the decline, and with current alternatives beset with problems, we have every reason to start discussing deadstock with the same intensity that we discuss livestock. Next year, slaughterhouses in the United States will kill more than 10 billion animals. What will happen to the waste? The answer might seem to be beyond our power to influence. But it does give us yet another factor to contemplate before we tuck into our next animal.

Yet another article confirming that animal agriculture is bad news when looked at from almost any angle. Link.