Arson at Top California Feedlot

A major fire took out the tractors of fourteen cattle trucks, as well as several cattle trailers. Think how big a feedlot needs to be in order to require that many trucks.

Everyone who has ever driven from Los Angeles to San Francisco on I-5 has passed this feedlot and it’s a world-class shithole. With the breeze in the right direction, you can smell it from miles away.

Harris Ranch is a horrible company and I’d be overjoyed if it went out of business tomorrow, but arson is the wrong strategy to use. At a time when peaceful undercover investigations are making factory farming more vulnerable than ever before, acts like this are exactly what agribusiness needs to turn the tables. Just watch: the Harris Ranch arson is certain to be used by agribusiness and corrupt lawmakers as an excuse to push new ag-gag bills, and to punish undercover investigators as if they were committing felonies. (Via Bay Area Bites.) Link.