Austrian Police Imprison Animal Protectionists

Mahi Klosterhalfen writes:

Two weeks ago, the Austrian police raided 24 homes and offices of animal welfare activists. Computers, cameras, videos, files, and mobile phones were confiscated. Ten activists were accused of forming a large criminal organization and were imprisoned on remand. Seven of these activists went on a hunger strike, lost substantial weight, and today one of them has been sent to the hospital wing because of his severe conditions.

By now the authorities are admitting that some of the imprisoned activists didn’t even know each other — so much for forming a “large” criminal organization. Also, Austria’s animal protection movement has been highly successful during the last couple of years: managing to win national bans of battery cages, fur farming, experiments on apes, and using wild animals in circuses. It seems highly unlikely that one would choose to become a criminal when they are making so much progress by using perfectly legal methods.

More details here.