Average American’s Soda Consumption: Nearly One Gallon a Week

Average American’s Soda Consumption: Nearly One Gallon a Week

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Andy Bellatti’s latest column demolishes the latest craptacular offering from Pepsi. But what really got me was his mention that the average American is consuming nearly a gallon of soda every week. Which means that for every American who doesn’t touch the stuff, some unfortunate soul is pounding down two gallons a week.

Just one more example of how bizarrely out of balance the American diet has become, and the uphill battle we face against food production atrocities like battery cages, fish farms, feedlots, and so forth. Most Americans haven’t a clue about how perverted our food system has become; brutalized animals washed down by gallons of soda are the mainstream reality.

Which is why conscientious omnivores like Michael Pollan, with whom I have irreconcilable differences, are in many ways the most valuable people writing about food today.

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