Bacon Flu Spreads to Turkeys

A flock of 3000 breeder turkeys has become sick with bacon flu. And once again, we see an article that fails to report the one salient fact: any time this virus jumps the species barrier, you’re risking a public health catastrophe. The worry is that the bacon flu could combine with a virus from a turkey suffering from a different flu, mutating into something both highly contagious and frequently deadly.

And once again, we see a government responding to this threat by lying to its citizens:

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed the flock had been infected with H1N1, after which a news conference was organised to ensure the public there is no risk to their safety.

I think it’s impossible to stay informed about bacon flu without developing absolute contempt towards how the industry and world governments respond to new outbreaks. (Via Hawthorne.) Link.