Beef Checkoff Program Funds Misspent

The beef industry has long worked under a “checkoff” program. Every time a cow or bull is sold to the slaughterhouse, a dollar goes into a pot to spur consumer demand for beef. That the government would insert itself into the beef industry by enforcing a rule like this is of course completely disturbing.

Anyway, the checkoff program is what funds those “Beef: It’s What’s For Dinner” ads, or whatever loathsome ad campaign the industry is now using.

But this week, problems have surfaced related to how this money is being spent:

…Beef Board secretary treasurer Robert Fountain Jr.…said the review “found many expenses that were either improperly charged to the checkoff or insufficiently documented.”

Reading this, I fell to my knees and began earnestly praying: “Dear God, let some of those expenses be for strippers and blow.” Link.